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Hard Rock Hotel


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“Rock and Roll is here to stay” has never been more apparent than it is at Hard Rock Hotel. Rock and Roll is all about the music and Hard Rock keeps that theme strong everywhere you look; there are light fixtures made out of cymbals, door knobs shaped like guitars and there is even an elaborate chandelier in the likeness of a saxophone. The amount of music memorabilia found in Hard Rock makes the Smithsonian envious; there are encased leather jackets worn by some of the biggest names in the industry, they have denim jumpsuits, shiny costumes and feathered boas located throughout the building. The main hall is lined with autographed guitars, while the casino entrance has motorcycles owned by Nikki Sixx and Matt Sorum, and if you search hard enough, you can find some of Madonna’s underwear lying around.


Vanity InteriorVanity Nightclub


Nobu RestaurantNobu Restaurant
Hard Rock PoolHard Rock Pool

What would a casino with the name Hard Rock be without entertainment? There is a vast amount of music related events for everyone’s pleasure. Vanity Nightclub will catch your attention as soon as you enter with its polished brass and black chrome, the hand-cut crystals and pearls blended into bronze and gold settings and regal tapestries draped around the club. The sound system is absolutely amazing and it is put to use by the top international DJ’s and performs in the music world. The crown jewel of Hard Rock’s entertainment world is The Joint; a 4,000 capacity building that has a VIP level and seven VIP Luxury suites. The Who’s Who in music have played here: Sting, Ozzy Osbourne, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Hall of Famer Carlos Santana, Tiesto, Styx, REO Speedwagon and country music giant Tim McGraw.

When you want to party like a rock star, this is definitely the place to be. Whether you are staying in an uber-modern suite or dining in one of the fabulous eateries, Hard Rock Hotel will leave you with an experience that will be music to your ears.


4455 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, Nevada 89169


Johnny Smalls
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The Joint