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Business License

State of Nevada
LLC, Business ID

Clark County
Party Planning/Services
License #: 2000336.568


Casino Hotel Deals

Frank Corto - Casino Host

Las Vegas Casino Hotel Deals

As a Licensed Gaming Agent with Caesars Entertainment Mr. Frank Corto is able to provide Sin City VIP visitors with casino player rates at some of the finest casino resort hotels on the Vegas Strip! You can gamble and earn comps! Free dinners, show tickets, even a full room comp; Frank will follow up on your reservation personally prior to your departure to get you the Maximum Comp Credit for your casino play.

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Take advantage of Casino Player Rates, generally unavailable to the public, now available to YOU through Sin City VIP. There is no obligation to play or gamble in the casino, but if you do you could win the Big Bucks and get your entire stay COMPED!!! All reservations are submitted directly through the hotel; there is no booking fee or deposit required. You must provide valid ID and credit card to the hotel upon arrival.


The Fabulous Las Vegas Strip has showcased some of the finest hotels, casinos, and resorts in the world since the 1940's, and it has continued to reinvent itself ever since. These magnificent casino resorts entertain millions of visitors each and every year and by doing a little research you can certainly find the perfect hotel deal for your next Las Vegas vacation or business trip. No matter if you stick to your old favorites or indulge in the newest Las Vegas hotels and play casino games your trip to Vegas will certainly be a memorable one if you book with Sin City VIP.

As a licensed independent casino rep, Sin City VIP founder Frank Corto offers hotel deals at some of the finest hotels on the Las Vegas strip. After quoting you a rate that you approve, Sin City VIP will submit your reservation directly to the hotel. You will receive a confirmation number from the hotel and you will pay the hotel directly upon arrival, we simply get you the deal and make the reservation for you. Many travel sites offer Las Vegas hotel deals, however, they are third party companies that charge you in full for the rooms. Because you are paying them and not the hotel directly, the hotel can not issue comps based on your play. Our hotel deals are booked directly through the hotels allowing you to have your room comped or receive comped dinners and entertainment. Have you every wondered how to get a comped room in Las Vegas? Sin City VIP's Las Vegas hotel deals are the perfect place to start, you may even be eligible to have your room upgraded to a fabulous Las Vegas comped suite!

Landmark hotel casinos have maintained a presence in Las Vegas, boasting thousands of rooms, world-class entertainment and casino gaming for millions of Las Vegas visitors, gamblers, and convention goers. The Las Vegas hotel industry has taken all aspects of the hotel, resort and casino business to new heights with luxurious hotel rooms and suites, casino designs that range from elegant and classy to modern and upbeat. Plus, even the budget and touristy hotels in Las Vegas provide an amazing experience as well.

When planning a Las Vegas vacation package it is important to choose the right hotel deal to suit your needs, both in terms of hotel style, amenities, location, and price range. Your hotel is your home-base throughout your vacation in Las Vegas, so it is important that it exceeds your expectations to ensure that you feel good about your vacation package.

Some clients prefer high-end accommodations while others are more concerned with location and price. Let Sin City VIP develop a custom Las Vegas VIP package that includes casino player rates at the perfect hotel for your group.